What is Motion33


Our vision is to to offIMG_0402er powerful, transformative experiences connecting the Mind, Body & Spirit. For those who want to experience more natural joy & freedom, and less of stress & anxiety, Motion33 propels individuals to access their passion & intuition bringing them into a more dynamic flow in life.

Our mission is to take participants physically & mentally out of their self imposed limitations and to bring them into a more liberated experience of themselves where they become more open to possibility. Motion33 unleashes the participant’s awareness & confidence to transform into an empowered being.




The process is threefold:

  1. To study the physical body & mind as always in motion and in constant change.
  1. To acknowledge the emergent physical, emotional and spiritual awakenings at the end of each session.
  1. To channel this learning into creative offerings with the goal to integrate this liberating experience into everyday life.