I came to Diana a weak body with extremely poor posture. Diana worked tirelessly with me on core strengthening exercises and also flexibility. It has helped my confidence. She has an incredible knowledge of the human body and how it works. Now I feel stronger and in control of my body and health. You have a break through and feel so empowered. Then you start adding more and soon you have surpassed yours goals and feel in control of your body instead of it controlling you. I would definitely recommend Diana to other people.”

— RH, Engineer and mother

Diana is great! Through Diana’s thoughtful and patient teaching, I have gained balance, flexibility and strength. She has helped me slow down, pay attention to my body, breathe, and find a bit more joy in my crazy life!   Working with her has made my life qualitatively better and I am grateful for her care, intuition and talent. I cannot recommend her enough!

—DLR. Lawyer

Diana is an outstanding teacher because of her insatiable curiosity and vast knowledge of body movement and kinesthetics.   In the three years that I’ve been working with her, we have never had boring sessions or done the same routine exercises because she tailors each session to how my body is feeling and what it needs. She is patient, non-judgmental, funny, and smart. The way she marries fitness with a sense of spirituality has challenged me to move past barriers I have placed on myself and gain confidence in my body. I am not only stronger physically from working with Diana, but I am a stronger person as a whole.

—AIA. Lawyer and enteprenour