Motion 33 Pilates and Yoga philosophy


Motion33 is Diana Garcia’s mindful movement practice and teaching philosophy for balance, strength and personal empowerment.

Nothing is static or permanent, rather all things are unfixed and changing as a river flows. From the inorganic to the organic, all molecules and cells are in constant transformation from birth to death, and  so are our emotions, and moods. This could be experienced as chaos and may drive us crazy at times, creating stress and a uncertanty. But what if the answer to this uncertanty is to listen to our body intelligence and  breath? What if we could practice a way to observe what is blocking our flow and find a way to keep transforming?

Motion33 mindful movement training provides tools to stay present and in-our-bodies, triggering our parasympathetic system, which is one of the two parts of our autonomic nervous system that regulates “rest-and-digest” and prepares you for the moments when your sympathetic system kicks in, meaning when you need to act, run and take important decisions in your life. Learning to navigate and dance with whatever comes our way is an important skill that guarantees to be useful in all aspects life.


Motion 33 Pilates and Yoga philosophyThe most transformational aspect of Motion33 is the liberation one feels when we are truly open and unbounded.  Openness is only possible by first being aware and conscious of our possibilities and limitations. This is the goal of Motion33. To unravel people into self-mastery through awareness and openness to push their boundaries and to then experience their life as a powerful dynamic flow full of purpose, discovery and expansiveness!