About Diana

DianaDiana Garcia-Snyder is a dual citizen (Mexico /US) teaching and performing artist, currently Lecturer in Dance at the University of Washington in Bothell. She earned a M.F.A. in Dance Research and Education at the University of Washington in Seattle and is co-founder of DAIPANbutoh Collective Dance Company. She has performed nationally and internationally in Mexico, Canada, Cuba, and Ecuador, and for the past years as solo dancer in Japan and Korea presenting interactive-multimedia dance performances. She teaches Vinyasa and Forrest yoga and is a certified Pilates instructor.




Motion33 developed because of more than 30 years performing and 15 years of teaching dance (ballet, modern, contemporary, butoh and improvisation)

From Diana’s extensive library of exercises, she created a unique experience that is not only useful for performers, but also beneficial to all people. Bringing body and space awareness, balance and control, as well as coordination, flexibility, flow of movement and general understanding of gravity among other benefits, students of Motion33 step onto a new foundation of wellbeing.

Motion33 developed from Diana’s need to be awake

The idea came around the year 2000 during one of Diana’s personal meditation sessions. First came the words Nourishment For Conscious Growth which years later transformed into Motion33. Diana has been teaching movement since she moved to the US in 1999. Looking for ways to become more authentic as a dancer and performer, she studied the body mind connection extensively and applies her unique perspective of these teachings integrating a variety of dance techniques, improvisation, pilates and yoga.

Motion33 is a driving energy of self-curiosity, discovery and empowerment

Motion33 came to life because of the powerful need to express from deep within rather than barely living on the surface never knowing or accessing your full potential. We often live life from a place of survival and deal on the fly with whatever happens with and to us. For most of us there comes a point when you say enough is enough – being overwhelmed with your emotions, feeling pain in your body and with a lack of purpose. Then you know that something needs to be done now or you will die from the inside. Motion33 is a driving energy of self-curiosity, discovery and empowerment.

Motion33 developed because of the years working with Pilates and yoga clients.

For the past six years Diana has been helping clients work with their specific physical restrictions through pilates and yoga: from spinal injuries, joint replacement, and specific degenerative illnesses like arthritis, osteoporosis and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  She fortified her knowledge in these challenges of her clients and found pathways to restoration for them. Observing her clients Diana confirmed that our modern society pushes us to favor our mind over our body. People have admitted to live for years neglecting their bodies – little sleep, stress, poor eating habits. Most admit they should have taken better care of their body’s needs sooner. Some say never been taught that body, mind and spirit can work as a team instead of against each other. This is the pulse behind Motion33: Finding balance to empower real transformation and health.